Lena and Ross are trading in the cold South Dakota winters for the warm beaches of Florida (weird, right?). I was thrilled when they reached out to me to photograph some Sioux Falls memories to take with them. 
As a florist, I should have known that Lena would bring her own bouquet of flowers. I'm so glad she did, because she has such a great eye for arrangements and they really add something special to the images. At one point, we were out in a field with some wild flowers, and Lena begins to pick some of them and adds them to her bouquet. On the fly. And it looked fantastic. I love when clients bring in props and mementos that highlight who they are and things they enjoy!
After our first stop at the park, we were off to a classic South Dakota scene: cornfields. It was a random field near their house, so we quick pulled off the side of the road, jumped in the middle of the field, and got some great images. They also wanted to document these crazy pandemic times by wearing their matching masks, which was the cherry on top of a fantastic setting.
Next up was another South Dakota trope: hay bales! I had probably passed by these hay bales quite a few times and never realizing they were here. It's actually pretty close to the interstate and some other buildings, but I suppose that's the midwest for you - random rural scenes in the middle of an urban environment. At this point, the light was absolutely gorgeous and everything had this beautiful warm glow to it. I could have stayed out there all evening. 
Our final stop was a baseball diamond, which sums up these two perfectly. Ross is a talented baseball player, and was the long-time coach of our church's softball team (Lena and I both played on the team). It was the perfect setting to cap off a really fun night of photos.
It's pretty obvious from these photos that these two love each other. Seeing them interact and play and have fun in all of these spots was a joy, and I loved photographing their evening. Click on any of the images to see them full-size!

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