Earlier this year, I had the privilege of photographing this couple as they celebrated 50 years of marriage. Wow! My husband and I had just recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary at the time, which seems such a short time in comparison. They set a great example of what a lasting marriage looks like. 
It was beautiful night at McKennan Park in Sioux Falls, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations to shoot portraits. There is a beautiful sunken garden area with a cool fountain in the middle and partially covered walkway...thing? Not sure how to describe it properly (see photos below and you'll see what I mean).
The best part was that they brought their wedding photo with them to be included in some of the photos! This is a great tip for anyone else interested in finding ways to personalize their portrait session: bring in a special memento that means the world to you. This could be anything that means something to you, like a photo, toy, signed object, letter...the possibilities are endless! Not only will you be documenting something of great value to you, your face will reflect the joy that memento brings!
Please enjoy the love these two have for each other.

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