Bethany Noordmans, photographer at Bethany Noel Photography

photo by Emily Grace Images

Hey there!

I'm Bethany Noordmans, and I'm a photographer who loves to share joy through images.  Wherever you find joy (out in nature, with family and friends, doing what you love), I can help you document those moments that can then be treasured for years to come.
I specialize in nature, art, and lifestyle photography, but my passion lies in capturing beauty wherever it can be found.

About Me

I was born and raised in Nebraska, but I now happily call Sioux Falls, SD home with my husband and my pets (two cats and a dog). Ever since high school, I've had a camera in my hand taking photos of anything interesting I encountered. Now, I get to use my camera to create art and capture things like beautiful hiking trails, special family moments, and a whole lot more.
In my free time, I love to read, write, and be out and about in nature, which allows my introverted self to recharge in a calm and peaceful environment. You'll also find me watching movies, singing my lungs out to musical soundtracks, and binge-watching Doctor Who. I'm a nerd and proud of it!

photo by Emily Grace Images

photo by Emily Grace Images

What  I  Do

I enjoy photographing almost everything, but my true passion lies in art, nature, and experiences. If someone were to give me a gift, I would prefer a paid vacation in the mountains over a necklace or "thing". I am inspired by simplicity, strong design, fresh air, and authenticity. 
Traveling is one of my favorite things! I'm available to travel anywhere in the U.S. This could be anything from a business lifestyle shoot to a specially commissioned art piece of your favorite spot in the world. I'd love to discuss any ideas you have!
My lifestyle, special event, and senior portrait sessions are very relaxed with natural direction and minimal posing. It's all about you, and I want you to feel like your authentic self. 
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